Luxury sun loungers

Imagine basking comfortably in the warm glow of the noonday sun, refreshed by a subtle, effervescent breeze, without a care in the world. Royal Botania sun loungers offer an oasis of peace amidst the travails of everyday life. Featuring elegant, minimalist design and materials of impeccable quality that effortlessly embody the essence of style and comfort – these outdoor loungers are the perfect addition to any exclusive garden.

Luxury Sun Loungers

Relax and enjoy. With Royal Botania’s Luxury Sun Loungers you’re absolutely sure of the quality and durability of your design sun lounger.

Outdoor furniture not only has to look great but it also has to be able to withstand being exposed to the elements. Changes in temperature can cause materials to expand and contract, so outdoor tables and chairs need to be designed and treated so that they will not crack or become less stable from season to season. Royal Botania uses only the highest quality materials for their luxury oudoor furniture, like high-quality hardwoods and aluminium, so they are best-suited to last and avoid rot or rust. Our high-tech solution-dyed textiles are durable and colorfast.

On the rare occasions the sun is shining, you deserve to be able to soak up the rays in style. Our gorgeous collection of luxury sun loungers allow you to do just that.

A few examples of our fine collection of luxury sun loungers:

As the name suggests Alura is an alluring line of aluminium furniture, featuring a dining chair, an armchair, a low chair, a bar chair and a sunlounger.

All of them nicely stackable, and available in white, sand or black textured finish. The integrated armrests come standard in matching colour but can optionally be in teak.

Royal Botania – Indulge in finesse

Particularly clever is the distinctive sunlounger, with its patented positioning mechanism, operated by a piston hidden in one of the rear legs. When bringing up the backrest, the seat and footrest are lowered, while the knees are lifted. Thus the Alura 195 sunlounger offers unequalled comfort. The only disadvantage is that you might not want to get up once you are enjoying the perfect ‘spa position’.

The practical and striking O-ZON lounger combines strength, style and attention to detail, to make it look simply perfect. All O-ZON items are stackable, and come with a stainless steel, or a coated aluminium frame. The O-ZON luxury sun lounger is not just an eye-catcher, but a prime example of aesthetic engineering. The elegant, swooping armrests serve as supports when the backrest is brought up.

The new and highly original Strappy line features a coated stainless steel structure consisting of one continuous rod running all the way around to form a minimalistic yet functional and stackable framework, to which the padded seat straps and armrests are attached. The stretched lines add even more elegance to the appearance of this premium sun lounger, and a discrete roller can be fitted so that you can follow the sun on your terrace.

Apart from exquisite design, Royal Botania guarantees quality and sustainability of all its products. We consider it our obligation to give more to the planet than we consume.

  • Having our own production facility, we have full control over quality of our products from A to Z and the sustainable working conditions of our skilled working staff.
  • Our own teak wood plantation ensures the sustainability of all our luxury outdoor furniture.


When you lie down and relax in your Royal Botania luxury sun lounger, you’ll know that you have contributed to a sustainable world. So go on, put your feet up, lean back and enjoy, you deserve it!