Soak up the sun and unwind at your private resort

Smooth stone patios, the densely clustered leaves of wild olive trees against the azure sky, and the warm waters of the ocean glittering for miles around – Mediterranean splendour is only a heartbeat away. With Royal Botania’s Styletto Collection – the apex of style and sophistication – your terrace transforms into your own private seaside resort.

Sleek, seductive, and endless comfort – Styletto is your slice of Mediterranean paradise. And…Royal Botania has added a few new items to its luxury outdoor design furniture collection, tilting your experience to a new level of bliss. Read on and discover how much richer life can be with outdoor living in style.

Let tomorrow take care of itself and let your senses unfurl

From the vantage point of Royal Botania’s new sun lounge, the Styletto 195 – the world is your oyster. Stretch out flat for a languorous nap under the parasol or unwind with your feet up and a chilled drink in hand. Hear the gulls cry, take in the salt sea air, and drift away as you gaze at the gently undulating waters.

The trappings of comfort and finesse you’ve come to expect are all there. Slender, tapered legs. An adjustable backrest. A smooth look and feel that invites you to leave the world behind, if only for just a little while.

And now? Now you can catch those glorious rays and shelter from them at the perfect angle. The smooth wheels at the back allow you to find the perfect position effortlessly.

That leaves you free to indulge in finesse.

Sitting pretty with the best views

That hint of elegance, the flourish of feeling you get when the scene set before you unrolls on all sides with sheer delight. Royal Botania’s new high dining tables invite you to indulge in just that experience. And to enrich the feeling of Cloud Nine living are a new set of Styletto bar chairs, with svelte curved backs and elegant, tapered legs. Every meal or drink shared seated just that bit higher adds a sense of exclusivity.

Make them your own with a tabletop in eleven different colours and seven different dimensions. And with five frame colours to choose from, your design terrace is destined to echo the melodies of a lilting seaside serenade.

Space to stretch, curl, and cocoon for hours of blissful relaxation

Sit. Sink in. Now sink a little deeper, legs curled under you or draped over the next seat. Three new 90-cm deep seating elements make the Styletto Lounge simply irresistible with a siren call that entices you to bask in beauty and wellness.

Leave your troubles behind

Lay a beaded coaster down on the new side table for your drink, and don’t forget your bowl of cumin-roasted chickpeas and lentil crisps. Nibbles now and then, especially shared in the company of friends, kindle that spark of Mediterranean warmth.

The new elements of Royal Botania’s Styletto Collection give you a luxury terrace experience to treasure. 

Inhale. Exhale. Now, leave your troubles behind.